I should mention as a photographer you are going to need to learn a few new words and what they mean.

The aperture is the size of the window that lets light into your camera. A large aperture lets in a lot of light a small aperture lets in little light.

The aperature is referred to as an f number.

Just to really complicate things a large aperature has a small f number, like f2.8. Where as a small aperature has a big f number like f16 or f22.

Apeature is one of the creative controls on your camera as it controls the depth of field (another few words to learn). Depth of field, means how much of you photo is sharp.

For landscape we usually want everything sharp so we might use f16 or f22. But for a portrait we might want to throw the background out of focus to concentrate the eye of the viewer on our subject.

Next up shutter speed…

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